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College Library..

The college library office spacious, comfortable and quiet reading room, where students can enjoy their reading. The library also boasts a large variety of reference books in different language published at home and abroad. The reference books are categorized and arranged According to their languages and subjects, so that readers can have easy access. The library Also possesses a great variety of journals on languages, literature and cultures the fact that The library keeps on file all the graduation these of graduate students and undergraduate students of our college displays a unique characteristic of the library as they give inspirations to students and play an important role in helping them with their decision on topic and framework in their own thesis.

The staff at the college library, experienced both in teaching and research, are ready to office assistance and consultancy to every reader here. With the college leaders attaching greater importance to the library and more fund invested in its facilities , the library promises to be better than every and it will guarantee a significant role in the teaching and research work in our college .

In future, we will be adding more books to provide better sources of education to our students.
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