Massage form Principal & Manager

    Dr . S.K. Sharma (Principal)                                                            SRI MOHAN SINGH (Manager)

Development of any nation depends upon the intellectual, spirited and hard- working citizens of that country .There are various records in the history that even without enough resources & infrastructure, the persons can become successful with the knowledge and education only. To make disciplined, good character and intellectual students is the main aim of this education society. After getting good higher education, all the students reflect their nature filled with knowledge and good character and work for welfare of the society and their motherland.

We hope that you all will always have good trust in and us as you always have been. Along with being a family member of this educational society, by being regular present and taking part in all the activities of this college operating the management and teaching staff will always try your best to add frame to our college. And, we also thanks the guardians to trust us and select us to train your children for Higher education .And we promise that we will always try our best give them the best Training so that they can outshine their career in this competitive world. I am very happy to announce that in 2006, our educational society has got permanent Affiliation, Now, We have a open path for the progress and development. Wishing a very successful future to all of you.
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